R-net bus stops

To improve comfort for waiting passengers we designed a modular range of bus shelters with comfortable seats and perch seats, illuminated information panels and protection against rain and wind. The shelters are available in a range of sizes. The largest versions have a partially closed glass front fa├žade that offers even better protection. The shelters have a bright red branding panel that makes them stand out.


An additional line of furniture, including fences, litter bins, benches and perch seats is part of the design. For bicycle parking there is a bicycle shelter with rack.


(FromAtoB for the Provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, and for OV-bureau Randstad)

3-module shelter

6-module shelter

Bicycle shelter

Scale model

We produced a scale model of an R-net bus stop for the city of Almere.

Design Guide R-net

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