FromAtoB is a design agency specialized in products for public space and public transport

Travel with your heart logo

Travel with your heart

Travel with your heart, our vision on “The new way to travel” is a positive signal that calls for respectful behaviour. Travellers on public transport need to keep their distance, pay attention and take care of each other.

Wayfinding - Artist impression Utrecht central station area

Wayfinding Utrecht

In order to make the area around the Central Station more accessible to pedestrians, we have developed a wayfinding system in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht.

FromAtoB - Wayfinding - city centre signage

Autonomous bus

In the Interreg I-AT project 22 partners work together to develop autonomous transport. We are design-partner in the project to co-develop a self-driving bus.

Schiphol south 3D visualisation busstop

Covered walkway Schiphol-Zuid

In order to allow commuters to travel comfortably and as safe as possible, we have made a design for a covered walkway where commuters are protected from wind and rain.

Product development

Our designers help define your ideas by envisioning and crafting products and product experiences. We employ value driven product development from proof of concept to production.


We create recognizable corporate identity elements by designing exterior and interior, travel information and public relation resources. We develop logos, corporate identity guidelines and complete product formulas.


In collaboration with governments, public transport operators and industry we offer strategic advice, provide guidelines and contribute to the production and quality of public transport of the future.