Sustainable autonomous public transport bus in 30 years

Sustainable public transport

Public transport of the future

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The study

FromAtoB has performed a study on sustainable public transport. Based on an analysis of trends and expectations for the future we have developed three concept vehicles. One concept for the near future, one for the medium term and one for the more distant future. Besides looking at power options, the study focuses on comfort, climate control, information, vehicle maintenance and safety.


The study presents concepts for the year 2020, 2030 and 2040, based on the premise that public transport can become more sustainable.

Public transport has several interesting and distinctive features. For example many users and few owners, that make it worthwile to offer sustainable products, like well-monitored operation and well-organized maintenance.

The traveller

In our design vision, the commuter is our focus. Every part of a journey by public transport, from finding information and planning a trip, from the layout of a platform, the design of a vehicle to the comfort of a seat, influences the experience of the commuter.

We combine industrial, graphic and spatial design to develop a product formula for future sustainable transport.

For the 2030 scenario we still think of a ‘traditional bus’. Multiple buses could be interlinked. The modular concept makes it possible to have different variants. A flat floor makes passenger flow easy and adds safety. This can be achieved thanks to small, front and rear steering wheels and a compact suspension.

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