A selection of our projects.

Abri sedum

A transparant bus-stop

Our client Global Media & Entertainment, a leader in outdoor advertising in the Netherlands and across Europe, asked us to develop a new line of busstops, with maximum transparency.

train interior first class

AtoB seat

As a follow-up to the study into more sustainable public transport equipment we developed a concept for a sustainable train seat, the AtoB seat. The chair-design is based on a comfortable one-piece seat shell, pressed from wood.

Sustainable bus shelter

Sustainable bus shelter

Together with VDL we developed a new, sustainable concept for bus shelters. With this concept OFN won a tender for new bus shelters in the city of Amersfoort. The 136 Shelters have been installed here.

David Spiro Electric delivery van

Electric Delivery Van

David Spiro joined us for his graduation project at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. His task was to create a re-design of an electric delivery van, as used by companies like Picnic online supermarket.

Travel with your heart logo

Travel with your heart

Travel with your heart, our vision on “The new way to travel” is a positive signal that calls for respectful behaviour. Travellers on public transport need to keep their distance, pay attention and take care of each other.

Wayfinding - Artist impression Utrecht central station area

Wayfinding Utrecht

In order to make the area around the Central Station more accessible to pedestrians, we have developed a wayfinding system in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht.

Autonome bus

Autonomous bus

In the Interreg I-AT project 22 partners worked together to develop autonomous transport. We were design-partner in the project to co-develop a self-driving bus.


Covered walkway Schiphol-Zuid

In order to allow commuters to travel comfortably and as safe as possible, we have made a design for a covered walkway where commuters are protected from wind and rain.

UMS logo

UMS corporate design

FromAtoB has developed a new corporate design for Urban Mobility Systems, with a distinctive logo, presentation material and livery design. We have applied the new branding in visualisations of products, presentations and promotional material.

Uithoflijn survey Vaartsche rijn

Uithoflijn consultancy

FromAtoB has evaluated the quality of the planned tram stops of the Uithoflijn and made suggestions for improvement

R-Net solar panels on bicycle parking

R-net bicyble parking facility

The last mile between home and public transport stops and stations is an important part. Good bicycle parking has been developed to make it attractive and easy to use R-net.

R-Net bus at busstop

R-Net vehicle design

FromAtoB had designed the graphic design of the exterior for the vehicles. R-net bus-, tram-, metro- and trains are easily recognizable by the livery of the R-net colours and logos.

R-Net bus shelter solar panels

R-net shelter

To make waiting for passengers as comfortable as possible, FromAtoB has designed high-quality shelters for transport network R-net.

R-Net bus stop

R-Net product formula

R-net is the high-quality public transport network for the Randstad. We have developed a high-quality brand identity that is visible throughout the ‘journey of the commuter’.

Schiphol Citea bus illustration

Schiphol busnet

In April 2018 50 electric buses in a new striking Schiphol branding will be driving around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. FromAtoB has designed both the exterior and interior of the buses.

Schiphol Citea bus illustration

WEpod and Mission

The Province of Gelderland is the owner of the WEpods and Mission; autonomous vehicles. We have made a design for the livery of both vehicles.

R-Net bus shelter solar panels

CROW guideline

For CROW-DOVA, FromAtoB has developed a guideline for the installation of dynamic travel information panels (DRIS).

Sustainable train 2025 Intercity interior artist impression

Sustainable train

FromAtoB has studied possibilities to make trains more sustainable. In the study we present scenarios for 2030 and 2045.

NS interior concept blue


Four competitors tendered for the contract to build the new InterCity trains for Dutch Railways NS. For one of them FromAtoB has optimised the existing design of the exterior and interior, to add a recognisable “NS” look and feel to the train.

Artist impression sustainable public transport bus in 5 years

Sustainable public transport

The study presents concepts for the year 2020, 2030 and 2040, based on the premise that public transport can become more sustainable.

I-Kubus information panels


The Province of North Holland and City Region of Amsterdam will be installing new 3D information maps at more than 50 of their public transport transfer points. To increase the visibility of these maps, we have developed a cube shaped sign with the information icon.