R-Net bus shelter solar panels

CROW guideline

Guideline for the installation of DRIS-panels



Controlling public transport

At CROW-DOVA, 15 governments that manage public transport work together. These are provinces, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and metropolitan regions.  Current travel information for travellers that can be viewed through an app or seen on the DRIS panels at bus stations is provided by CROW-DOVA.

Current DRIS screens are often at the end of their technical and economic lifecycle. Nowadays many travellers receive information on their smartphone. Therefore, the question is, whether it is relevant to replace or install DRIS panels.


For CROW-DOVA, FromAtoB has developed a guideline for the installation of dynamic travel information panels (DRIS). This guideline points out in which situation a DRIS system is needed, and how to position it on a bus or tram platform.

We have collected and listed requirements and wishes set by multiple key stakeholders. In the study we have made a distinction between different types of bus stops, such as terminals, (bus) stations, or high-quality stops. Together with a project team of CROW-NDOV we took care of the text and most of the illustrations for the guideline.

R-Net bus shelter solar panels

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