R-Net CAF tram

R-Net vehicles

High quality brand identity

Province of Noord-Holland

Product design


R-net is the high-quality public transport network for the Randstad. Reliable, recognizable and coherent. The network connects various public transport lines with other modes of transport such as bicycles and cars by using junctions nodes.

The R-net vehicles and stops show the corporate design and promote the network. This is why the consistency and quality of the R-net brand is so important. The stops and vehicles are influential landmarks for public transport commuters. It displays confidence and certainty.

R-Net vehicles

FromAtoB has designed the graphic design of the exterior for the vehicles. R-net bus-, tram-, metro- and trains are easily recognizable by the livery of the R-net colours and logos. In addition to the exterior we designed the interior as well. Including R-net seating upholstery and a series of icons and stickers.

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