Schiphol Citea bus illustration

Schiphol busnet

Connecting Amsterdam airport

VRA, Airport Schiphol

Product formula
Visual identity
Graphic design

Brand identity

In April 2018 50 electric buses in a new striking Schiphol branding will be driving around Airport Schiphol.

The Schiphol Sternet services continue as Schiphol Busnet.  This new service of bus lines is even more concentrated on the area of Airport Schiphol. The service will become a visible part of the Airport.

FromAtoB has developed a product identity that is in line with the branding of Schiphol Airport.

Schiphol busnet

From now on the brand name will be ‘Schiphol’ followed by an extension. This applies for the busses as well: Schiphol Busnet.  A strong and compelling brand linked to all aspects of travelling, working and spending time at Schiphol airport is built this way.

Design electric buses

FromAtoB has designed both the exterior and interior of the buses, and all relevant travel information for passengers, to create a coherent style. On the bus livery we have used sunset colours, with a gradient in horizontal direction. The words “Hello”, “Ciao” and “Goodbye” on the coloured surfaces serve as a friendly greeting towards international travellers. The transporter’s logo, the logo for electric vehicles and the pictograms for the boarding regime complement the exterior.

The interior of the electric buses is light with vibrant colours. The ceiling of the bus is white, side-panels are light grey. The upholstery is a moquette fabric produced in the same colour scheme as the exterior of the bus:  Light blue, pink and light grey with dark blue background.


Besides the vehicles we designed all travel information. Every part of the Schiphol Busnet has an identity that reinforces the high-quality personality of the transport system. All press-work is recognizable because of the colour Schiphol blue, the Schiphol logo and the tagline ‘connecting Amsterdam Airport’.

Schiphol Citea bus illustration
Schiphol moquette fabric samples
Schiphol bus seats upholstery with pattern
Schiphol bus seats upholstery