Covered walkway

Intersection Schiphol-Zuid

City region Amsterdam

Product design

Bus intersection

After the opening of the new provincial road N201, there is less traffic on the Fokkerweg and the intersection, leaving room for a bus junction. Bus stops for high-quality public transport (HOV) are placed, finalizing the intersection at Schiphol South. In the future buses can drive a faster route with a higher frequency.

3D visualisations and design

To improve communication with residents and local businesses we have created 3D visualizations of the redesigned street layout around the R-net bus stops in Schiphol South. For the bus lane and intersection we have designed a canopy and wind blocking glass walls that connect the bus stops with each other. We advised on the layout of the bus stops and bicycle parking.

Walkway shelter

Many commuters use public transport to arrive at Schiphol Rijk. In order to allow commuters to travel comfortably and as safe as possible, we have made a design for a canopy where commuters are protected from wind and rain.

The name ‘Schiphol-Zuid’ is written on the glass walls of the canopy. Together with the gates, this makes the HOV bus junction more visible and recognizable.

The canopy has a tensioned textile roof which refers to an antique airplane wing and a glass windshield that matches the platform layout at the R-net stops on Fokkerweg and Kruisweg.

Schiphol-zuid_regen alternatief