R-Net bus stop

r-net public transport facility

High quality brand identity

Province of Noord-Holland

Product design


To make waiting for passengers as comfortable as possible, FromAtoB has designed high-quality shelters. The high-quality stops are very visible parts of the network. Travellers start or end their journey at the bus stop and want to feel comfortable, well informed and safe. The recognisability of the shelters is important: In many cases the buses in the R-net network are planned as replacement for existing (bus) lines.

In addition to the R-net shelters we have developed the complete product formula, brand book and other R-net equipment.


To improve comfort for waiting passengers we have designed a modular range of bus shelters with comfortable seats and perch seats, illuminated information panels and protection against rain and wind. The shelters are available in a range of sizes. The largest versions have a partially closed glass front façade that offers even better protection.

The shelters have a bright red branding panel that makes them stand out and emphasizes the R-net brand identity.

Spatial development

A complete series of platform furniture has been designed for the R-net stops with fencing, waste bins, benches and handrails. We have developed a bicycle parking facility as well.


Our high-quality shelter has received a GIO special award for design excellence, the iF ward and the Red Dot honorable mention.

Station furniture

In addition to the R-net platform shelters we developed a range of street furniture; a fence, a perch seat and bench, a bin and an advertising display.  A platform can be fully equipped and will match the R-net appearance. Recognizable, attractive and solid.

The fence was designed with a closed glass panel to make it impossible for cyclists to lock their bike to it. All the components are attached to a subsurface foundation over which paving can be laid.

The waste bin and bench can also be place free-standing without a fence. The waste bin is easy to open and can be equipped with a bag holder or inner bin.

The R-net shelters, bicycle parking and platform furniture are made of high-quality materials and parts that are easy to maintain or can easily be replaced.