Artist impression Mission autonomous bus

Self-driving public transport bus

Development autonomous transport

Province of Gelderland

Product design

Interreg I-AT

In the Interreg I-AT project 22 partners from the Netherlands and Germany worked together to develop autonomous transport. FromAtoB was design-partner in the project to co-develop a autonomous bus for public transport, the Mission bus.

The aim of the interreg I-AT project is to gather and share knowledge about autonomous vehicles. The Mission is a 15-seater low-floor bus. In collaboration with ASEAG, the public transport operator from Aachen, research on the self-driving bus has been done in a ‘Living lab’ under controlled and realistic circumstances. Among other things, customer experience with the automated bus was investigated.

Mission autonomous bus top view artist impression


The self-driving bus relies on different sensors to run autonomously. Including cameras, LIDAR and radar. We have developed sensor mounts on the exterior and special compartments for ICT in the interior of the vehicle. We have used 3D printing technique for producing the sensor mounts. Within the design process we have payed attention to the usability of the compartments and sensors.

In collaboration with the various parties, we are looking at the possibilities in terms of appearance and experience. We have made 3D visualisations for the interior design and exterior livery. To investigate which appearance suits the traveller and the transport company best, we have created several moodboards with different themes.

We have  designed an ‘autonomous bus’ icon, which is now used in various pilot projects.

FromAtoB - Wayfinding - city centre signage
Autonomous Mission bus with Velodyne sensor
FromAtoB - Wayfinding - city centre signage
Autonomous Mission passenger bus with velodyne sensors
Pictogram smart mobility
R-Net stickering